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News from Nicaragua!

heute hab ich eine e-mail von einem freiwilligen-helfer bei bekommen. darin beschreibt er seine erfahrungen und seine arbeit mit einem mikrokreditinstitut in nicaraqua.
er hat auch das folgende video dazu bei youtube reingestellt. sein bericht findet ihr unter dem video.

p.s:wer sich mehr für kiva interessiert kann jetzt unter der kategorie " mikrokredite" auf der linken seite mehr erfahren
<--------------- klickst du!!!!!!

Dear Emma Dilemma,

Thank you for supporting an entrepreneur in Nicaragua.

Thank you for supporting a micro-entrepreneur in Nicaragua. I´m
excited to be writing you as the Kiva Fellow in Leon, Nicaragua. For the
past few months, I have been working with Fundación Leon 2000, a Kiva
field partner. All entrepreneur profiles on Kiva´s Web site are posted
by local field partners, which are microfinance institutions that lend
to the working poor to help the poor lift themselves out of poverty. The
field partners screen each entrepreneur, upload his/her loan request to
the Kiva website, disburse the loan, and collect repayments.

Let´s get to know Fundación León 2000 a little better. The
organization is based in Leon, Nicaragua, which is about 60 miles
northwest of Managua, the capital city. In a country where 50% of its
citizens live below the poverty line with an average GDP of $3,600 per
person, Fundación Leon´s loans represent a life-changing opportunity
to embrace financial self-sufficiency and escape the oppressive grips of
poverty. For most, there is no other opportunity in the community for
business growth such as that provided by Fundación León 2000.

During my three months of service at Fundación León 2000, I visited
over forty small business entrepreneurs. In brief loan updates to Kiva
lenders, I tried to capture and portray candidly their attitudes towards
microfinance. These micro-loans would not be possible without the
diligence and dedication of Fundación León’s Kiva Coordinator,
Sandra, and the group of hard-working loan officers.

I spent the majority of my time at Fundación León working alongside
Sandra as she screened clients for loans, posted loans on the Kiva Web
site, tracked monthly repayments, and arranged loan update visits.
Although Sandra and I have been able to provide many of you with updates
about entrepreneurs who received a loan contribution from you, reaching
every entrepreneur for an update is not logistically possible.

Even if you did not contribute to this particular entrepreneur, I hope
that you will enjoy the following story of a Kiva borrower in León
whose story exemplifies the challenges and fortunes experienced by many
in the León community.

Maria Guadalupe Blanco is quite the small business entrepreneur, and
she´s become pretty good at requesting loans and repaying them in
stride´s seventeen loans to be precise. Her primary business is a
general store on the edge of town, which is filled with everything from
candy, cookies, and canned vegetables to soups, soaps, and shampoos.
Once the general store was operating at a sustainable level, Maria
decided to expand her financial approach and purchase two taxis for
local operation. Through the course of her partnership with Fundación
León, and now Kiva, Maria Guadalupe has created a closed-loop business
cycle by successfully forging two independent businesses, where one can
sustain her livelihood if another falls victim to hardship. The success
of the micro finance model for Maria Guadalupe is a complete testament
to her respectful yet determined attitude towards its process and
lenders. Towards the end of our visit, she frankly stated, "I seek
loans to work; there is no other way"

From Kiva, Fundación León 2000, and its family of borrowers, we thank
you for your continued support of our work.

To see all current fundraising loans from the Fundación León 2000,
click here:

And finally, I compiled this short video to provide you with a nice
glance into the world of Fundación León 2000 and its variety of Kiva
borrowers. Please enjoy.


Sean P. Calhoun

Kiva Fellow, Fundación León 2000

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